Less Waste, More Smiles.

Total food waste diverted from landfills were equivalent to: 

Past Initiatives

28 June 2021 : Fruit Bag Donations To B40 Community

During our 2nd pilot sale at midst of the pandemic, we were able to raise funds and successfully donated a total of 59 fruit bags to B40 families (based in Lembah Subang). 

28 June 2021:
Donation To Rumah Charis Children's Home

Cups donated: 27 units (100ml)

Donation to Rumah Charis
Donations to the children of House of Love

Mar 2021 : Donations to the children of House of Love

Our first ever pilot sale and CSR initiative where we donated a cup of gelato for every bundle sold.

Cups donated: 26 units (300ml)


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