Our Mission

The Unusual Greens is dedicated to creating new ways to reduce food waste so that Malaysians can tighten the gap between urban food waste and the hungry. 

How We Started:

The ugly truth about urban food waste is increasingly prominent in our beloved homeland, Malaysia. However, part of it could be avoided - which sparked our interest in exploring how we could provide a solution to this problem. 

We rescue unusual-looking greens that would otherwise turn into food waste – because, well, these fruits are normally what most would categorize as imperfect fruits but inside, they're as good as any.

How We Do It


We start by reaching out to local vendors and neighbourhood fruit stalls to collect unusual-looking fruits.


We then turn imperfect looking fruits into high quality gelato. Ready to be ordered from out online store.

Giving Back

For every 4-pints sold, a bag of fruits or a cup of gelato will be donated to the B40 or other communities in need.


Makes an impact by creating a platform for people to access information about food waste transparently.

Enables redistribution of food surplus that would otherwise become food waste.

Aims to reduce food waste in Malaysia.

Provides new options for Malaysians to consume food more sustainably and healthy.

Total food waste diverted from landfills were equivalent to: 

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