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What does TUG stands for?

TUG means The Unusual Greens, establishd with the aim of combating against food waste.

We use unusual, quirky-looking fruits to make gelatos, and we are really proud of them.

Founder's Message

One principal that I hold dear: Food should feed people as long as it's edible.

Through a simple delicacy like (italian) ice cream,
I hope to spark conversations about food waste
and raise awareness about how we value food,
first starting from Malaysia.

- Hailey, Founder of TUG.

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So what is "Unusual Greens" anyway?

Superstar fruits, unique and bold,
From the crowd, they stand out cold.
Not the prettiest, nor the best,
But in our gelato, they'll be put to the test.

With each scoop, a new delight,
A taste that's sure to ignite.
We redefine what's valued in food,
Cosmetic standards are no longer crude.

These fruits may not meet the mold (shape),
But in our gelato, they'll be untold.
A flavour burst that's oh so grand,
In every scoop, you'll understand.

So come and taste, don't be shy,
Our gelato, a reason to try.
With superstar fruits, it's clear to see,
That we're redefining food's true beauty.

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