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TUG Gelato

Raya Gelato Tart Set

Raya Gelato Tart Set

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Celebrate Hari Raya in Style with Our Innovative Gelato Tarts!

This Hari Raya, break the mold and indulge in a taste sensation with our brand new gelato tarts! We've taken our handcrafted gelato and transformed it into exquisite frozen desserts, perfect for gifting and delightful for buka puasa gatherings.

Exquisite Flavors, Elegant Presentation:

Our gelato tarts come in a beautifully presented gift box, making them a thoughtful and luxurious present for your loved ones. Choose from three decadent flavors that will tantalize your taste buds:

🍫 72% Dark Chocolate Gelato Tart:

A rich and sophisticated treat for chocolate enthusiasts.

🥥 Pandan Salted Coconut Gelato Tart:

A classic, traditional, and fragrant taste of Southeast Asia, with a delightful salty-sweet twist.

🍓 Strawberry White Chocolate Gelato Tart: 

A classic combination reimagined, with creamy white chocolate gelato and vibrant strawberry notes.

Innovation Meets Tradition:

Our gelato tarts make the perfect after-meal dessert for Hari Raya. They celebrate tradition with familiar flavors, while pushing the boundaries with our innovative gelato creations.

Pre-order yours today! Don't miss out on this limited-edition treat. Our gelato tarts are sure to be the star of your Hari Raya celebrations.

Officially launching on 25th of March. Pre-orders will be delivered from 25th March onwards.

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