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White Chrysanthemum

White Chrysanthemum

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White Chrysanthemum

Indulge in the luxurious taste of our White Chocolate Chrysanthemum gelato, crowned with a sprinkle of rich cacao nibs.

The white chocolate base is infused with the delicate and floral flavor of chrysanthemum, creating a unique and sophisticated taste.

The cacao nibs add a touch of crunch and a hint of bitterness, perfectly complementing the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate.

It's a treat for the senses, a perfect balance of flavors, textures, and aromas that will transport you to a realm of pure culinary delight.

A floral infusion of chrysanthemum florets, sprinkled with crystallised cacao nibs.

Ingredients: White chocolate, chrysanthemum and crystallised cacao nibs
Allergens: Contains Dairy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fruits do you use to make your gelatos?

We call them superstar fruits. Fruits that stand out from the crowd because they look a little quirky and different, but they're as good as other fruits. In fact, what would be considered overripe, is perfect for yielding the creamiest gelato.

Will the gelato melt during delivery?

They will most definitely not! We have a tight practice of holding the gelato at very cold temperatures for a long period prior to sending your order out to your doorstep.

What m*lk do we use for our vegan gelato?

We currently use a mix of oat milk and coconut milk to produce our vegan gelatos. Making them 100% dairy free and completely vegan friendly.

How long can the gelato last?

All our gelatos have a 3 month expiry date from the day they are produced.

However, we do recommend devouring the gelato within a month of your first consumption.

Can I come and try your gelato in store?

We currently do not have a storefront but have collaborated with some pretty cool local businesses from wine bars to mamaks. You can view our TUG Collaborations page for more information!

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Gelato and ice cream are similar frozen desserts, but gelato is denser, creamier, and has a stronger flavor than ice cream. Gelato is made with less cream, more milk, and less air, and is served at a slightly warmer temperature. Ice cream, on the other hand, is creamier and fluffier, made with more cream and eggs, and served at a colder temperature.